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Finding Work as an Immigrant in Canada: Another Leap of Faith

It has now been a couple of months since we landed in Canada and we have been sharing with you guys most of the things that new immigrants go through when moving to Canada like getting your SIN and driver’s license. However, we haven’t really touched on what arguably is the most important part of being a new immigrant is: work.

Finding work as an immigrant in Canada is the main challenge most newcomers will face and we can say that this has been the case for us over the last two months. We have been diligently hunting for opportunities in PEI, but there really is a very limited employment market here for our professional experiences and preferences. Even the settlement officer we spoke to admitted to us that it would be a challenge to find employment in our respective fields.

Through our almost daily forays into online resources such as Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn we observed that there were opportunities available for us outside the province in bigger cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. We applied to both local jobs and these jobs outside the province just to see what will happen since we had nothing to lose anyway. At this point, we are fortunate enough to still have enough savings to allow us to wait it out and not have to work in another field or take a “survival job”.

As the weeks went by V started getting some positive signs from companies based out of Vancouver. He had Skype interviews with a couple of them, while the others were dismayed by the fact that he wouldn’t be available for an in-person interview. After a few more days, we felt that there was enough opportunity and reason for V to take a short trip out to Vancouver and interview with the companies interested in him while also looking for other possibilities.

Long story short, V was able to land a job in Vancouver within his preferred field. It really was quite a stressful situation and it came down to a take it or leave it situation wherein he just decided to accept the offer.

As much as we love it here in PEI, we have decided as a family to take another leap of faith and continue our Canadian journey in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Getting a job as a new immigrant in Canada 
Our view after a long hike up the Stawamus Chief!

It’s now been a couple of weeks since we’ve moved here to our place in Vancouver and we’re really excited to say that we’ve used that time well. Both of us now have jobs that will officially start pretty soon. In our next posts, we’ll give you a more in-depth look at how we overcame finding work as an immigrant in Canada.

UPDATE: We wrote about some tips and tricks for the job hunt itself! 

13 thoughts on “Finding Work as an Immigrant in Canada: Another Leap of Faith”

    1. Hi CCA!

      We based our decision to move on the mobility rights that every Canadian Permanent Resident has.

      So far, there have not been any issues in this regard.

    1. Hi Belle,

      From what we know, the jobs that are in demand in PEI are mostly in the tech sector. Aside from that, there are seasonal opportunities in farming, fishing and tourism in general.

  1. Wonderful blog, i just finished reading all your posts as they will also apply to me 🙂

    Hows current life in Vancouver? What jobs did you guys get?

    1. Thanks for your kind words Ken!

      Life’s been good so far. Busy, but good so far.

      We’ll squeeze in time to write about things soon. 🙂

  2. You didnt sign anything from PEI PNP (commitment to stay in PEI and genuine intent)? just make sure you didnt sign anything because they can get you for misrepresentation and take your PR away.

    1. when you file your taxes this year they will see that you are paying taxes in BC but you came to Canada on PEI PNP. just make sure you didnt SIGN anything, newer PNP applicants are required to sign those kind of documents and they can remove PR for misrepresentation. (if you signed one.)

      1. you are in our situation as before, we landed in Saskatoon via SINP but after 4 months of failed job searches, we moved to Toronto and finally got jobs here.

        We verified if we signed anything and thank god we did not. But I heard newer PNP applicants are signing something now, how long have you been staying in PEI before you moved to Vancouver. Someone told me you need to stay at least 3 months before moving or they can accuse you of misrepresentation and not having genuine intentions on living in PEI.

        Good luck!

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